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in paradise we stand alone
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Ecliptic's LiveJournal:

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
2:25 am
Though the fact of the matter is I don't have a better alternative at this point. One of these days I'll set something up with an RSS feed and back-port my entries over. Oh well.

Just got back from the west coast now. Amazing trip. Chilled with Walid and his roomies, caught FNM, played PS3, hung with Joe/Becca/Hanna, chiled with Mervo/Shadow.
Thursday, March 25th, 2010
6:14 pm
Time to put this horse down
While I love having so much of my inane rambling here in once place from the past many years, this site has become unusable. Being forced to watch an advertisement before looking at someone's journal? Unacceptable. I think I'm going to archive this beast and let it be.
Saturday, January 23rd, 2010
7:12 pm
Poor neglected journal.
I am in a strange place these days.
Friday, December 18th, 2009
11:37 pm
A wee bit buzzed. InfiMed had their x-msa party today at dinosaur. I was reading about things. Phil came over. We fixed my vacuum cleaner. Then we went to Middle Ages. Jesse was in town. Went to the Dry Dock (which I contested sounded like a vulgar sexual act) and hung out there or a bit. Off to Matt Yandon's afterwards. Watched a bit of Ep. III and then played some Wii bowling before catching a ride back with H-Roon. Good times. Can't wait for whatever I was waiting for. Avatar tomorrow probably. Yarr.
Wednesday, December 9th, 2009
12:21 pm

Site for 4x games with a contest where you can win either GalCiv2Ultimate or Sins of a Solar Empire + Expansion.
Wednesday, October 21st, 2009
1:41 am
Thursday, September 10th, 2009
1:29 am
Cthulu unleashed on a sky-scraper's roof during a NIN show at the same place and time.  Documented pictures taken. This fact and this existence simply accepted.  Told to retrieve "Nation's Best" brand beer. Only place is from skyscraper's roof. Head up, Cthulu is now a 20-story tall robot. The robot's face has a silver grill with a star at the center.

There was more of course. Gone now to the ravages of waking consciousness.
Sunday, August 16th, 2009
9:46 pm
Sunday, July 5th, 2009
11:38 pm
Off to Dancing Rabbit! :)
Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
10:26 pm
Day 2
Day 2 of April Veganism Experiment. So far so good.
Thursday, December 11th, 2008
6:59 am
Slapped on the winter jacket, hats and glove, headed to the butcher, got some meats and jerky, stole the Adams' grill, and made delicious strip steaks and italian sausage burgers. Drank peach lambic, adorned the steak with saute'd onions and portabellas, and finished off with deliciously buttery salt potatos before finishing the night off with Blokus and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Tonight was a good night.
Tuesday, September 16th, 2008
9:33 am
In my dream, I actually posted an entry that consisted of nothing more than "Wow. Night of a thousand weird dreams." Much dreaming. Very vivid.

"Somber crisps."
Wednesday, September 10th, 2008
10:09 am
Posted using TxtLJ
Too funny. Three of us came to work today wearing our identical corporate challenge t-shirts. :)
Saturday, September 6th, 2008
3:32 am
Fox News really should be incinerated.
Saturday, August 30th, 2008
5:02 pm
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beautiful day for a drive beautiful day for a grilloout
Thursday, August 28th, 2008
11:14 pm
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Thumbs down for staying at work fourteen hours merely because you are an idiot. Perhaps a half day is in order tomorrow. Touch yourself.
Saturday, August 23rd, 2008
11:48 am
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See Els, this is from ye olde backseat besides you. I just declared my love for Gay Road.
1:05 am
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Cob slobbler! Nin show done. Stop. Jolly good. Stop.
Sunday, August 3rd, 2008
6:47 pm
Joe and Steph's wedding was good fun. Four hours of open bar, delicious steak, good company, and some dancing make for an excellent night.

The Dark Knight was phenomenal. Soooo good. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend catching it before it leaves theaters.

What to do with myself for the rest of the day?
Thursday, July 24th, 2008
11:40 am
Camp is amazing, as usual.
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